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Deanna Dunn | Van Life | DIY


Hang with us as we convert the #ElectricVanBuild! 🚐⚡️BTS on 📸 app👆🏼



🥹 I’m in love 🥰 should I blend it in a little more or leave more dimension?? Can’t wait to see it in the morning light to see if the color works! Might need to add a slight bit of warmth so it’s less peachy! It’s so hard to tell in all the different lighting! What do you think?! . . . #romanclay #plasterwalls #pinkwall #pinkwallpaper #pinkbuilding #limewash #diyromanclay #diywalldecor #concretewall #texturedwalls diy roman clay pink plaster concrete walls created by Deanna Dunn | Van Life | DIY with James Quinn's A Gentle Sunlight
Snack time 🚐
#roadtrippin #vanlifetravel #electricvanbuild #campervanconversion #lifeontheroad #tinyliving #tinyhomeonwheels
We’re on a roadtrip in our electric campervan and testing out how long it takes to charge and how many miles we get. In the meantime, we’re doing most vanlife travel things, and the time it takes to charge the van actually gives us all the time we need to do things we would have done anyway!
There’s never a bad time to let your people know that they’re worth fighting for ❤️ @unify_ukraine #sponsored As we continue to support Ukraine in their ongoing fight for freedom, please share what’s important to you and worth fighting for using the hashtags #UnifyUkraine & #StandWithUkraine !
Here are DIY tips & what you need to know! ⬇️
On Sunday, January 22, we’ll all be posting sunflower imagery in support of Ukraine’s ongoing fight for freedom and independence! @unify_ukraine
Join us in posting sunflowers and use the hashtag #UnifyUkraine & #StandWithUkraine
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DIY Etched Glass Tips:
🔸Use a thick coat of etching cream when applying
🔸Use gloves to protect your hands
🔸Make sure stencil or tape is pressed on well for clean lines!
Can’t wait to see your sunflower posts and etched glass projects! 😍
Loved the look of a concrete hanging light but didn’t want the weight or size of it in our van build, so made this one! 😍
#electricvanbuild #doityourself #diyprojectsideas #dollartreediy #craftideas #interiordesignideas #campervanconversion #vanbuild
This DIY project idea was so easy with just using foam clay and chicken wire to make a faux concrete hanging light step up the interior design in this van build series! You can totally do it yourself!
Desert 🏜️ or mountains 🏔️?! Having @FIXD - Automotive gives me such peace of mind because I can understand what’s actually going on with my vehicle, and I have the info to maintain it! Go grab one at the l!nk in my b!o! @fixdgifts #GiftIdeas #cartokhub #vanlifetravel #techtok #cartok #cooltech #vanlifers #fixdgifts
Replying to @karaspearsss I highly recommend a strictly mashed potato diet 💯
#electricvanbuild #wisdomteethremoval #kitchenmakeover #vanlifers #vanbuild #vanbuildseries #campervanconversion
We’re converting this electric van into an off grid campervan build and will be taking it on our first roadtrip soon! Electric vanlife mught look a little different but excited to try camping in it!
Replying to @aleagueofherhome Which tile would you choose for our Electric Van?! Hang around to see this van build all come together! 😍
#electricvanbuild #vanlifers #interiordesign #designtok #smallspace #patterns #bedroommakeover #vantour
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