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Gary Vaynerchuk


🔑 Entrepreneur 🔮 Investor in Uber, Snap, Venmo, Twitter ✈️ CEO of VaynerMedia



Get risky now, tiktok.. not 10 or 15 years down the line when you have way more responsibilities and worries. When you're #twentysomething is the most practical time to figure out your shit, your likes and dislikes, who you are!! Pls, it's important ❤️ #takingrisks
When you make #empathy your armor, those negative comments stop hitting 🥊 like they used to.. when you're kind to yourself first, it's easier to be kind to the ones leaving the hate. Compassion always wins ❤️
That @veefriends fashion life 💯 .. respect the respectful raccoon!! 🦝 #veefriends
Life shrinks and expands based on your relationship with #curiosity and how willing you are to try something new! Please .. whatever you're interested in, you should be tasting it!! F*ck what "they" think .. this is about you!
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