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LaDarius Campbell


Giving life some ✋🏾RANGE🤚🏾 Follow me on Instagram:@LaDariusCampbell



Give your WFH characters some ✋🏾RANGE🤚🏾 with @kisscolorsandcare durags.

Whether I’m being productive during the work day at home or not, I know my hair always is while I have my @kisscolors durag on.

Here are 5 benefits of using @kisscolors Durags for people with to short to mid-length hair:

1. Decreases frizz
2. Preserves hair shape (waves & curls)
3. Protects pillow from hair oils that could clog pores
4. Retains hairs moisture
5. Makes edge up look more defined
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Let’s not confuse self love with selfish love. Learning to love yourself isn’t simply about being alone with yourself, getting manicures, or taking yourself out to eat. It’s about learning how Jesus loves us and modeling that type of love to ourselves, and asking God to show us how he views us so that we can begin to see ourselves in his image. Once we do that and he fills us up, we can carry that out to others.

The less we love ourselves, the more we expect others to do it for us. But when you haven’t properly loved yourself, it’s hard to even receive and recognize when others do, so its setting unrealistic expectations for people that are bound to fail and leave us disappointed. When we exercise proper self love we can stop expecting people to fill a hole that only God can.

The Bible calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves [Mark 12:31] and that is with the expectation that we are loving ourselves as Christ loves us.

We don’t excerise self love to be selfish with our time, we do it so that we can be more effective in our assignments.

You can’t pour anything else into a cup that’s already full so we must not keep the love we learn to give ourselves to ourselves because when we stop pouring it out we cap our ability to be filled with new love/blessings.

Learning to properly love yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself and this world because the way you love yourself sets the standard for how you give love and receive love from others.

#MondayMotivation #LoveYou #LoveYourself #Mindset #SelfLove
100TH ✋🏾Range🤚🏾 video!!! 💯🎉🏆 | I have officially posted a RANGE video every Saturday for the past 100 weeks straight!

Before I started this journey I promised myself I would post a video every Saturday at least 100 times, no matter what it yielded, because I was never in this for the results but for the creative expression of my passion for fashion and style. I have learned and grown so much during this journey!

•100 Weeks ago I knew the bare minimum about video editing and making smooth transitions
•100 Weeks ago I knew nothing about brand endorsements/partnership
•100 Weeks ago I had no intent or desire to become a content creator/influencer
•100 Weeks ago I thought I would retire in Corporate America
•100 Weeks ago I had 1800 followers on @instagram and 17 followers on
•100 Weeks ago I didn’t know the 1st thing about running my own business

100 Weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I fulfilled today, and I am so PROUD of me for this!

I couldn’t have imagine in my wildest dreams that I would be sitting where I am right now. Being consistent has completely changed my life! I know that my ability to be consistent in this journey is directly related to my ability to be consistent in my relationship with Jesus Christ, so thank the Lord for giving me the strength to endure.

My prayer is that you not only find power in consistency itself, but in being consistent in Christ.

I am still learning and growing but I am extremely proud of where I am and who I have become, and I am so excited for who I am becoming and where I am going. This is only the beginning!!!



#MensFashion #MenStyle #Suit #MensSuits #FashionInfluencer #Menswear #Fashion #Style
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