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Bo & Nicole Full time Buslife 🚌 DIY van build 🚐



So is it cheaper to live in a bus vs our rental home?

Here is our bus budget breakdown, part ✌️

Our experience living in a bus over the last year and a half has shown us that living and traveling in a bus has provided a substantial savings and a new level of financial freedom that we have not been able to match in our old lifestyle.

But, please keep in mind that buslife expenses depend widely on a lot of different variables such as lifestyle preferences, diesel prices in the area, whether or not you use campgrounds or dry camp, how often you move around, etc…

We have discussed in previous posts how different the costs of converting a bus into a home are. And similar to the varying costs of conversions, the cost of living buslife ranges wildly depending on needs and wants of each individual/family.

We are fortunate that I (Nicole) work as a travel nurse affording us the opportunity to live and travel in a bus and allowing Bo the opportunity to fulfill his dream of being a SAHD. We never could have had this arrangement working back home as a staff nurse.

One thing we do recommend budgeting for (no matter your budget) is the cost of repairs/ breakdowns and maintenance costs.

We hope this was helpful for all of those that requested this specific cost breakdown.

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