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Allison and Nick


School Bus ➡️ Dream Home Inspiring Others to Pursue Their Dream ✨



In depth off-grid electrical setup ⚡

It took three months of research and confidence-building to even begin purchasing our electrical equipment. To us, the electrical system was the most important element of the bus. We knew doing it wrong could cause major damage and end up costing us in the long run. Now, we can speak confidently about our electrical system since we did it ourselves.

What we would change:

- Upgrade from 12V to 24V
- Have a dedicated AC panel to increase the amount of circuits
- Tighten up the wire runs. We ran over half the wires to the original panel location and then decided to move it over 3 feet. This made it really hard to have clean wire runs since we didn't leave enough extra slack.

What needs changed:

- The original solar panel configuration only had 6 panels. The amperage of that series parallel setup was under the maximum amperage of the 10# solar wire installed. Adding two more panels in series parallel with each pair of panels, increased the total amperage above the recommended maximum of 10# wire and will get warm under full sunlight. It should be upgraded to 8# wire to handle the amperage increase.
- The solar charge controller can accept up to 1450w. We have a total of 1600w of solar on our roof. With the efficiency loss of the solar panels, we should technically never exceed 1450w but if you add in the alternator charger while driving and the solar combined, we could potentially be capturing more charge. Up to this point, we have never had an issue fully recharging during sunny days.

Big shout out to @explorist.life for their one stop shop, "all you need to know" website about off-grid electrical setups.

#skoolielife #schoolbusconversion #diy #travel #offgrid #electrical #lifeontheroad
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