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Buddy the sable was rescued from a fur farm in 2018 T-shirts and more by the 🔗



#sable is hunting Buddy the #sable
Buddy the #sable is pissed off with me touching his paws 🤣 #dontcrossthisline #notouchingzone
Buddy the #sable is taking his beaver to his sofa home
Buddy the #sable is truly a brave guy! Isn’t he?
@enabot_ebo_ Christmas Sale, check 🔗 in profile.
EBO is a robot security camera that can follow your pet, kids or your loved ones!
I can tell you guys it’s fully “buddy-proofed ” as it runs away from my mischievous fluff when he is trying to turn it upside down or bite. Therefore I can recommend it to pet owners!
Now I can see what this guy is up to even when I am at work. And I can tell you I had lots of fun watching him! I’m thinking of getting another one for my parents!
#EasywithEBO #Christmasgifts #Amazonfinds #Enabot #EnabotEBOAir
Buddy the #sable is known aesthete … he just see the order a bit different than I do… I guess he is more in eclectic style 🤔🧐 what do you think?
When Buddy the #sable decided to ruin the #chritmas tree at any cost!
Buddy the #sable when he first time got the water #petfountain …. Watch his reaction 😅
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