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living in a van with our ladies scarletandseth@thestation.io



60 second tour of our hidden 🚽 & 🚿 featuring the new @compocloset Cuddy! #sponsored

And because we know we’ll get asked… IT DOES NOT SMELL. Whether you live in a a van or not, composting toilets are one of the most environmentally friendly changes you can make in your home. You can shop the cuddy through the link in our bio!

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OUR TOP TIPS for acclimating a cat to another for vanlife!!

#1 : we genuinely could not have done this correctly in the van. If you are planning to get a kitten and you live in a van with another cat, please make sure you have another space to make the introductions. We’d recommend staying with family or a friend for at least a month to make the introductions.

#2 : install a screen door! The screen was $90, and although that felt expensive and unnecessary at the time, it was 100% worth it.

#3 : establish lots of positive associations! You know your cat best, so choose what they respond to and reward them with that when they’re around the other cat. For both of ours it was food, but it might be play or affection for yours!!

#4 : be patient! This is the hardest one. Their initial introductions did NOT go well and completely psyched us out into thinking they would never get along. Cats are very stubborn territorial animals so take baby steps, and don’t rush the process or it will set you (and your cats) back.

Adopting a kitten into our less than ordinary circumstances was stressful at first, but we’re so glad we trusted in the process.

If you’ve been through the process and have been successful, leave any tips you have below for introducing your kitties 😽🫶🏼#vanlife #cat #catsoftiktok
Our vanlife must haves. PART 2 💫

🫡 shampoo bars from
🫡 @rumpl shammy towel
🫡 an e-reader like the @amazon kindle
🫡 packing cubes (duh)
🫡 annual national parks pass

None of this is sponsored but the links can be found in our Instagram stories!! #vanlife
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