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Fashion Artist. Give a follow on Instagram @sunflowerman



for @pinatagrams Black Tie collab with Sunflowerman
@pinatagrams inking. In process
@dennybalmaceda inspired. Menswear Sketchbook 1.23.
It’s ok to be jealous of his ability to make anything look amazing, but try to be inspired instead.

@drphmartins Bombay black India ink
@speedball_art pen holder w/ hunt imperial nib

#menswear #ink #illustration #drawing
Sunflowerman’s Fashion World. Menswear is coming to Fort Worth at 400 Houston Gallery in @sundancesquare .

Explore watercolors through Sunflowerman’s career in the fashion industry. Buy some art. Check out the merch- @haveanicedaycoffe x Sunflowerman coffee, @pinatagrams x Sunflowerman Black Tie, Custom Dickies Jackets.

Meet some of the icons of Menswear in Fort Worth- @quite_frank and @gentlemansavenue .

See a photography exhibition of @_jcsmith3 covering our experience at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. #fortworthinflorence
@alex_cigar_dandy inspired. Menswear Sketchbook 1.19.
I’ve done watercolors of Alex and I’m proud to include him in the menswear sketchbook now as well.

@drphmartins Bombay black India ink
@speedball_art pen holder w/ hunt imperial nib

#menswear #ink #illustration #drawing
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