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Musicians of tiktok, it’s hard out here haha. You absolutely cannot blame musicians for struggling. I hope this is helpful:

What ‘works’ by itself = good but not enough (too generic)

What’s unique by itself = good but not enough (too out there to be digestible)

What works + what’s unique = winner

There’s still practise you’ve gotta do to make this work, but this is a great long term strategy to not get lost in the endless sea of musicians all fighting for attention. And of course not everyone who’s doing well is following this and not everyone who tries unique things fails.

This is just another approach you can try if things aren’t working.

An example of a structure that works might be: A performance clip that’s 15—30 seconds long, meets a certain standard of visual and audio quality, and is a part of the song that’s easy to relate to.

A unique spin on this might be the use of colour, an interesting way of filming, a location, a unique message, whatever.

Another example of a structure that works might be: A musician giving production advice that includes a negative hook, is laid out like hook—actionable steps—wrap up, and that stays under 40 seconds.

A unique spin on this might be the depth or originality of the idea, a perspective, a personality quirk, a tone of voice, or something visual—again, whatever.

If you want specific examples you can see, the things that stand out on here ARE the examples. Just search for music in your genre or field and see what comes up. Generally speaking, the recent high performing stuff will be content structures that work but with the musician’s unique spin on it.

There IS room for doing your own thing on here AND it actually working. Combining these two things—based on what I’ve seen and experienced—is one of the best approaches to take to get there.

Any questions let me know :)

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Musicians of tiktok, this is not a necessity — it’s something to try if what you’re currently doing isn’t working. There are plenty of musicians who do fine without doing this, but everyone is different. And I see a lot of music performances that are good, but not great and could be elevated by trying this.

Why do we sometimes need to make it about more than just the music (or the main focus of the video) on here? I get it, it’s frustrating. For one, it’s the nature of the platform. This isn’t somewhere people come primarily to LISTEN to music. They come to watch and experience stuff.

Secondly, we’re becoming more and more desensitised to higher quality stuff. Adding extra value to your posts and creating a more impactful experience around your music gives you an advantage over those you don’t.

Like I said, it doesn’t apply to everyone. But based on what I’ve seen, in a lot of cases extra points of engagement are a massive, massive help. If things aren’t happening when you try to promote your music, try this.

If you want examples of this, go to the search and type in your genre. Within a few minutes you’ll find plenty of examples of musicians who are pairing their amazing music with something I mentioned in the video or some other appealing thing.

Another way to think about examples is music videos. They’re a visual representation of the songs and give them extra depth—they’re building a world around the song, helping to tell the story and get us more invested into the world.

Hope it helps :)

#musicmarketing #indieartisttips #musiciansoftiktok #musicpromotiontips
Musicians of tiktok, as with everything there are exceptions to this—there are people who make one video and it goes and goes and goes. But if you haven’t had that experience and / or you don’t know how to make that happen—I reckon it’s a good idea to have some backup.

The truth is that you decide what’s valuable to you but the audience decides what’s valuable to them. You don’t get to choose that for them. And I know sometimes the audience doesn’t know what they want, but you can’t make someone like something just because you put a lot of work into it and you think it’s great. It’s frustrating, but it’s reality haha.

At the end of the day, just make whatever you want to make—it’s not my business or anyone else’s to tell you what you can and can’t do with promoting your own music. And you should enjoy what you do. But the suggestion is here if you want it: have a solid plan and don’t assume you know what people are going to like.

I’ve done this heaps and been wrong a lot. And so have a lot of musicians I’ve spoken to or worked with. Sometimes it takes months to find something that’s properly effective. Sometimes a song just doesn’t work on social media. Sometimes something will work early. We don’t know for certain. All we can do is give ourselves the best chance of success by putting ourselves in the best position we can.

Hope this helps and gives you something to think about :)

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Musicians of tiktok, here’s how to promote your music with content and have it reach more people.

Removing or fixing ‘flat spots’ means identifying parts in your videos that are likely to be less interesting and either getting rid of them or making them more interesting and to keep people watching the entire video. This is important if your videos are longer because you need to keep people engaged for longer.

Watch your videos and try to be honest about areas that might be lacking. If you can’t remove those parts, adding things like movement, edits, text, etc. can help a lot. If you’re doing music performance clips, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem is the song is awesome, but it’s still worth paying attention to.

Visual storytelling – as you know these apps are all about the visual. It doesn’t matter for every type of post, but if you’re sharing your music it really helps to use the things mentioned in the video to help tell the story / communicate the message of the song. The stronger the messaging, the more people will be able to connect to it and being able to see or read things that help them ‘get it’ will help you a lot.

Building towards rewards – give people a reason to stay to the end by implying a ‘reward’ at the end of video, or rewards throughout the video. Some ways you can do this:

- Using parts of your songs that naturally build tension and build up
- Using numbers or lists or checkpoints (“3 things, etc…” like this video). It makes people want to find everything out and so they’ll hopefully stick around
- You can use the “wait til the end” type of thing IF it’s genuinely worth it. If it’s not people won’t appreciate it.
- Even using a slow zoom effect can help to lead people through the video

These are just a few ways. There are plenty of other ways to market your music on here. Play around with these and see how you go and don’t be afraid to try other things too :)

Hope it helps!

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Musicians of tiktok, you have to be obsessed with your goals if you want to win, that’s a given. And hard work is a good thing, but not when it’s constantly at the expense of productivity. I’m discovering more and more through my own experience and studying high performers that bursts of focused work and then intentionally disconnecting is the best way to make progress, and to achieve more in less time.

I used to be that stubborn hard worker. And I will say there is great benefit to having a natural inclination towards getting sh!+ done. But we only have so much of that go in us each day, and I can say now with absolute confidence that overworking is not the way.

Again, that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t be obsessed with your goals. It means that in order to maximise your productivity and wellbeing, you should alternate between intense bouts of focused work and intentionally disconnecting (as Chris Bailey calls it in his book Hyperfocus: How To Work Less To Achieve More, “scatterfocus”).

This intentional disconnection doesn’t mean filling your mind with 🗑 and distractions. It means emptying your mind, recovering and allowing your creativity to bubble up to the surface. Go for a walk, go to the gym, just let your mind wander. This will give you the fuel to go back into your work and absolutely sma$h it.

I know it’s hard to do this with a 9-5 as well, and I can’t tell you exactly how to manage yourself because I don’t know your situation. But if you can, I recommend finding space for both this focused work and intentional disconnection so you can spend less time getting more done.

Hope it helps :)

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Musicians of tiktok, if you’re wondering how to make music content that stands out, here are 3 ideas.

Different perspectives and lenses: I’ve seen a bunch of awesome music content where the artist has used like a fisheye lens or filmed from a cool angle or perspective. Mess around with different angles and in different locations too – it can make all the difference.

Colour grading (using colour in your videos to help tell a story and make it look awesome): Something I’m only recently learning about properly but a lot of high-performing music content has some sort of interesting colour grading that adds to the messaging of the song. It’s a good way to brand your videos – definitely worth learning a bit about. I’ve started learning from basic free videos and you can too :)

Animations and images: I’ve been playing with animations lately and I had a conversation with a musician earlier about how it could be used for music content. I think it could be awesome to see the song being represented by little images or animations; have relevant images / graphics / whatever come up on the screen as the lyrics come up.

These are pretty visually engaging (in my opinion) and could be an interesting alternative to what a lot of people are doing. If you’re like “there’s no way I’m learning that”, it took me maybe a week or two to learn how to put these videos together (for free) and my views on both plats on average have gone up a good amount. Food for thought anyway! If you have any questions let me know :)

#musicmarketing #indieartisttips #musiciansoftiktok #musicmarketingstrategies
Performances & story: If you don’t know what I mean by performances, they’re videos of you performing your song in some awesome, on brand way. I have many posts on these, so feel free to look through. When I say story, I mean any and all kinds of storytelling – putting lyrics on screen, sharing what the song is about as you play it, literally telling stories related to it, etc. Whatever helps give the music more meaning to us. I also have lots of posts on storytelling too.

I say the answer is these two things because they seem to be the fastest, most effective way of connecting with people and getting listeners on social media. It’s been shown to work over & over. That doesn’t mean that’s the only thing that works – but if you’re unsure, start here.

Intense focus: Remove any & all distractions – put your phone in another room, say no to people & things, do whatever you’ve gotta do to get more focused on your goals. I know it’s hard & everyone has different responsibilities & schedules but give it a go & see what happens.

Simplify your days: Remove anything that isn’t absolutely essential or serving your goals. You might have to make sacrifices & that’s fine, as long it’s not your health. Time blocking & my calendar are my best friends – try them if you’re not already :)

Your ‘why’: You already know what this is, but if you don’t have a good one it’ll be hard to keep things going. Remember why you do this and remind yourself as much as you need to so you can keep pushing forward. If you don’t have a massive why, it’s time to write. Make a list of everything that’s important to you. Sort through your soul until something jumps out. You can do this!

#indieartisttips #musiciansoftiktok #musicmarketing #musicpromotiontips
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