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the customer is always….   #customersatisfaction #pizza #pizzeria created by Fire&StoneDuxbury with kooze's original sound
I know that i can sometimes overreact , but I feel the colorist was more concerned about me taking away the commission she would’ve received from the shampoo she added, than The overall result of the clients hair. Not only did she turn the clients hair purple but then she tried to give me the product to correct it instead of trying to correct it herself. We were slow so she didn’t have another client, but this happens often … i’m all for making a sale but I don’t like to send clients home with something if it’s something that they don’t need, to me that’s an integrity issue especially if they’re trusting us to help them! Long story short when the client left they asked me to go home for the rest of the day… three hours before the end of my shift, so I decided to submit some applications and almost immediately I started scheduling interviews… I am an assistant, not a slave and although the stylist is not a bad person I have to work twice as hard when I’m scheduled with her… was I wrong for removing the product that she added for the client? I think the product would have been a great idea have there not been any mishaps, but I pay attention to body language and I’m great at active listening her concern was no longer about the dryness or needing to build bonds but more about removing the purple so I sent her home with a cleansing shampoo which would continue to strip the rest of the purple and a conditioning mask which would add moisture back into her hair. Let me know 🤷🏾‍♀️ #fyp #wasi#fyp g#wasiwrong a#help u#whatdoyouthink s#hopechristine i#hairstylist t#assistant #colorist n#hairsalon a#salon f#salonelife s#customerservice s#customersatisfaction g#customerguarantee p#dallas i#purplehair i#blondehair ##blondes a#damagedhair t#treatment
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