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Biedny Stary nie wiedział co się dzieje na końcu 😂😂😂 @smeraldomeminaj #dlaciebie #internationalcouple #musicpromotion #musiccollaboration created by Aga i Stary with 3Reecrossing's Switch It Up
Guys pretend I’m famous until I am aight? 🤝 #fyp #music #musicpromotion #newartist #newmusic #viral created by Bron with bronunreleased's original sound
How to make better music content while spending less time on social media:

Stop the time wasting and soul crvshing activities, start being super protective of your time and attention and focus. Allow yourself more space to get into a better headspace. Be more focused and distraction-free when you work. You’ll make better stuff, be more productive and creative, 100%.

Having to spend a million hours on social media to see progress is not necessary if you manage yourself. I’ve learned this recently and realised just how much time I’ve wasted. I can do a lot more now while spending a lot less time on here.

The numbers I used in the systems examples in the video are random. You can decide how many times to post per week, and how many minutes you can manage interacting with people each day, etc. But some kind of system like this will significantly reduce how much time you have to spend on here and start making it feel a lot more possible.

Another example of a system:
- post 5x per week
- interact with people for 10mins p day
- 30mins of content research per week so you can stay up to date and keep improving
- Check your insights like 1x per week so you can measure your progress.

Make it ambitious but manageable, sustainable. Long term consistency will always win. Keep it super t!ght and do your best not to stray too far from it. I promise you’ll see progress if you can master this :)

If you have any questions let me know! ❤️

Music marketing strategies
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