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bruh moment #911 #news #twowaymirror #weird #bathroom #bathroomcheck #ifyourreadingthishashtagthanks #creep #creepy #peeptok #peepingtoms #fyp created by brettbaxter3 with brettbaxter3's original sound
Reasons why my daughter went to stay with relatives until I can find a more suitable home for us. We lived here for 6.5 years, & never knew that our neighbors had full access to spy on my daughter in the privacy of her own bedroom. Our neighbor was a single mom of 3 boys, 1 of which was a teenager, the same age as my daughter. In May of 2022, my landlord threatened our housing, so my daughter sought shelter with family “temporarily” until the landlord “fixed” the situation. Well, the situation isn’t “fixed”. Needless to say, my daughter has serious reservations about coming “home”. Imagine how you would feel if you found out your privacy was invaded throughout the entire time you lived there. Sure, I could put a piece of electrical tape over the peep hole NOW, but I can’t undo the last 6.5 years of my daughter being watched in her own bedroom. I’m currently working with the municipal court, loan officers, realtors, & movers to 1) get out of this house, & 2) bring my daughter “home”. Why didn’t we notice the peep hole 6.5 years ago? I guess because we’re not peeping Toms. We never looked at the keyhole, & the door is situated on the stairway, which is mid-level between the 2nd floor, & my daughter’s bedroom on the 3rd floor, meaning, it’s not at eye level on our side. The other side of the door is my neighbor’s 2nd floor bedroom, so the peep hole is at eye level for them. I can’t describe what it feels like as a mother to fail my child. My #1 goal is to reconcile this situation as quickly as possible so that my daughter & I can get back to normal. I’m doing everything within my power to get us through this. I’m on the tightest budget that I ever set for myself, & I’m sticking to it so I can save money for a new house. I’ve accepted $270 worth of donations through go-fund-me (my bio). I spent the funds on moving boxes, moving tape, tote storage boxes, disposable cameras (to take pictures for court), & supplies for organizing a tenant’s organization (literature, envelopes, & postage). I still haven’t been able to find a house in my price range, but I’m trying.🏠#peepingtoms #landlordtenant #spy #ohio #nightmare #housingcrisis #privacy #oldhouse #skeletonkey #fy 🗝
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